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Domicilium Citandi et Executandi, what exactly does this mean?

This clause you will come across when signing a contract or filling in forms at, for example, a school. 

Domicilium Citandi et Executandi is a Latin term and it means that this is the address which is nominated by a party, in a legal contract at which he/she wishes to receive all legal notices and documents. 

The legal consequences that are specific are as follows: 

  • The party who elected the Domicilium address should be ready to receive any legal notice that is delivered to that specific address. 
  • If a change in address occurs the party should notify the other contracting party preferably in writing of such change in address. 
  • Delivery of the legal notice or document to this address will be considered sufficient for the purposes of legal action and the such party would be deemed to have received the legal notice or document

It is therefore important to choose your Domicilium address wisely. 

Should you wish to request clarity on documentation that you have signed or a contract where this clause is applicable, please contact these offices so that we can advise you properly. 

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