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We have been awarded the Project of the Year for K9 Project Watchdog at the National Indaba of SANPARKS that is held annually.

K9 Project WatchDog

Poaching in our national parks remains a major conservation challenge in South Africa. The K9 Anti-Poaching Unit is considered a game changer in the Kruger National Park. During 2017, all encounters with poachers that involved dogs resulted in arrests.

Well-trained dogs, including breeds such as Belgian Shepherd (or Malinois) and Bloodhound-Doberman crossbreeds, are perfectly suited to track poachers in the field and detect firearms, ammunition and wildlife products that enter and exit through park gates. These remarkable dogs follow scents which may be hours old over impressive distances. Tracker dogs are deployed by helicopter or vehicle and operate throughout the Park.

Since its inception in 2012, the K9 Anti-Poaching Unit in the Kruger National Park has grown from 3 to 46 dogs. Following its success, the project has been extended to other national parks, with a total of 75 dogs now working across the country.

An integral contributor to the success of this unit is the support of the SANParks Honorary Rangers, the official SANParks volunteer organisation. These volunteers give freely of their time and skills to foster conservation in South Africa’s national parks. Their initiatives raise the funds and support that projects such as the K9 Anti-Poaching Unit owe their existence to.

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K9 Project Watchdog Needs Your Help

Make a donation today to help this project and to keep our watch dogs and rhinos safe from poachers.
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Vaccinations, preventative medicines, optimum pet nutrition and safe, secure kennelling are paramount to ensuring a long and healthy life for these animals.

Your donation to ‘K9 Project Watchdog’ goes towards looking after these dogs to ensure that they receive care of the highest possible standard in support of the vital work they do.

Already, the project has achieved enormous success. The dogs not only provide the rangers with a loyal friend and companion, but with the benefits of their incredible scenting ability. Wherever they operate, the poaching figures drop and the arrest rate increases.

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You are cordially invited to support the battle against rhino poaching through the K9 Project Watchdog. 

The K9 project Watchdog in association with SANparks aims to raise awareness as well as funds towards this very special project.  Since its inception in 2012 the K9 anti-poaching unit in the Kruger National Park has grown from 3 to 55 dogs.  These well-trained dogs are a crossbreed of a Belgium Shepherd and a Blood Hound-Doberman.  Following its success in the Kruger National Park the project has been extended to other National Parks, with a total of 75 dogs currently working across the country.  Certain of these tracker dogs are unique and remarkable as they can track and pick up a scent or a trail long after it was dropped, which may be hours old versus other tracking dogs that would not be able to pick the scent up. Tracker dogs are deployed by helicopter or vehicle and operate throughout the parks.

We confirm that SANParks had registered approximately 320 contacts with poachers in the Kruger National Park during 2019 and 70% of the poachers were successfully arrested.  Thus, in the fight against poaching, the K9 anti-poaching unit is a game changer in our National Parks.

Sponsorship plays a vital role in conservation and is mostly depended on generous individuals and companies whom want to join the fight against poaching. Funds and donations will go directly towards acquiring dogs, the training of these dogs and infrastructure for this initiative.

Lizel Oosthuizen director of Lombard & Partners Inc and Honorary Ranger Magalies Region heads up this project for the Region of Magalies and was she recently elected as member of the K9 National Parks Membership Committee.

It is important to note that donations can be made in many forms and do not have to be monetary.  There are a number of ways in which you can get involved in the project:

  • donations (i.e. funds, alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages);
  • sponsoring any possible prizes for auctioning;
  • assistance with the technical issues for the evening (i.e. lights/sound);
  • décor;
  • publicity.

We furthermore wish to confirm that a tax certificate will be issued upon clearance of donations made, this document will be provided by the SANPark offices.

Herewith the banking details:



ACCOUNT NUMBER 1604 672 803



For delivery of any donations kindly make use of the following address:

Lombard & Partners Inc

992 Justice Mahomed Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria (formerly known as 278 Charles Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria).

Join us and send this to anyone that you feel will find value in our quest with this very important venture.

Kind Regards,