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What would the wrong legal advice cost you?

We understand how intimidating it can be to face a legal issue. The thought of a long drawn out, expensive battle in court can be very scary.

At Lombard & Partners, we will give you the correct advice to make sure you reach a resolution without breaking the bank.

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Lombard & Partners Incorporated is a leading South African law firm. Our clients range from ordinary citizens to commercial and Governmental entities.

Our dedicated lawyers can help with the following

High Court & Magistrate Court Litigation

High Court & Magistrate Court Litigation

lombard - Land Expropriations & Land Claims

Land Expropriations & Land Claims

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

lombard - Building & Construction Disputes

Building & Construction Disputes

lombard - Collections


Insolvency Law

lombard - Company Law

Company Law

lombard - Water Law

Water Law

lombard - Advanced Property Law

Advanced Property Law

Commercial Law

lombard - Mining & Mineral Law

Mining & Mineral Law

lombard - Personal Liability Claims

Personal Liability Claims

lombard - Third Party Claims

Third Party Claims

lombard - International Contracts

International Contracts

Intellectual Property Law

lombard - Mediation


lombard - Evictions


Labour Law

lombard - Debt Collection

Debt Collection

lombard - Criminal Law

Criminal Law

lombard - Conveyancing


Lombard - Schools Act

Schools Act

lombard - Family Law

Family Law

lombard - Arbitration


lombard -Child Law

Child Law

lombard - Notaries


lombard - Estate Planning

Estate Planning

lombard - Trusts


lombard - Personal Liability Claims- Injuy On Duty

Personal Liability Claims: Injury On Duty

lombard - Medical Negligence Claim

Medical Negligent Claims

What Our Clients Have to Say

We have worked alongside Lombard & Partners Inc over the years and can confirm that they are a professional entity whose values and work ethics are of a very high standard.


As a neighbouring Firm, I confirm that their clients are treated with utmost importance and due diligence and that they handle every client’s case with great care, big or small.


Groot plesier en baie dankie aan julle met julle vriendelike, vinnige en kundige diens, waardeer dit opreg


As counsel and former member of both Pretoria & Mpumalanga Society of Advocates, I received numerous instructions from this firm. As instructing attorneys, the firm and staff involved displayed exceptional levels of professionalism and all matters were meticulously prepared and attended to.


Thank you for all the advice when it comes to what is right, just and according to law. Your office runs like a well-oiled machine. I am very glad that I have such a great attorney on my side who defends that which is most important to me


We have dealt with attorneys in the past and our experience with Lombard & Partners was something else. They spent a lot of time on the details and they were the first to present their work to us and ensure that we all understand what was being discussed. You will certainly not go wrong by choosing Lombard & Partners.


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