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About Us

Lombard & Partners Incorporated is a leading South African law firm. Our clients range from ordinary citizens to commercial and Governmental entities.

With regard to specialised litigation our company has successfully represented one of our previous Presidents of South Africa in various specialised litigation matters, as well as multiple statesmen.

Our individual client base stretches from business men to the man on the street (layman individuals) in need of legal assistance i.e. collections, divorces, damages, leases, agreements, transfers of property, bond registrations, arbitration, mediations, transfer of property, etc.


The firm was established during 1992 and has literally grown from strength to strength with its offices based in Brooklyn, Pretoria.

From 1 October 2010 the company was acquired by Miss. Elizabeth
Oosthuizen as sole director.

Due to the extent of the experience and expertise acquired by the firm in the area of multi-jurisdictional areas our service to our clients is of exceptional and very professional quality.

Our firm is distinguished for its understanding of the business cultures in South Africa as well as the proverbial man on the street’s, expectations regarding fair, affordable and equal law.

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Our Mission

To deliver service excellence to achieve exceptional results and to render a professional service with a humane touch.


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